Week 12: 11/2 – 11/6/2020

Dear Bella Mente Families,

I hope this finds all of you safe and healthy! I see our scholars settling into online learning. I continue to visit Zoom Rooms daily and enjoy seeing the learning that is happening. I would also like to thank all of you for supporting your scholars. Many studies have demonstrated that parent involvement makes such a difference. It not only benefits students but also lifts the teacher’s morale. Teamwork – It does take a village to raise a child, especially during this time.

I know that online learning can be a stressful and even scary experience for parents, but it is a great opportunity to get a close look at your child’s education. As a teacher and a parent, I understand what a challenge this can be; however, the benefit of being such an integral part of your child’s education is well worth it. You and your child will reap the benefits for years to come!

Some of the strategies we have seen to support our scholars are:

  • Consistency – Now more than ever, our scholars need a consistent schedule. They benefit from attending live meetings and having a set time to complete assignments.
  • Being prepared for school. They are scholars if they are learning at home or at school. Dress for success!
  • Grace and patience are essential for everyone involved. We are all learning in our new normal. Every day is a unique learning experience!

I have encouraged my teachers to require cameras to be on and not:

  • Have tape over the camera
  • Have the camera pointed to the ceiling

It is essential that our scholars learn to operate online, and active participation is part of the learning process.

Next week, please join me for our Board of Directors meeting on Tuesday 11/10 @ 6:30 pm and Answers with McQuestion on Thursday 11/12 @ 5 pm for English and 6 pm for Spanish. Look for more Cooking it up with Mr. Hank! More information to come!

As always, we at Bella want to thank you for your trust, patience, and kindness as we work together to make this a great year for all!

Enjoy your weekend, and stay safe and healthy!

Dr. McQuestion

“The child is both a hope and a promise for mankind.”   Maria Montessori