Parent FAQs

Please note these responses may change as new restrictions and/or guidance from Federal, State and Local officials is received.

1st – Parents login under the parent portal which gives access to the classroom and apps. For positive attendance, students MUST login under their Bella student email.
2nd – Students are not signing off each day. Students MUST log in and log out each day for attendance.
3rd – Students are going straight to the Google Classroom and not going through Clever. The student MUST login through Clever each day to trigger attendance.

Login issues are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis by the IT department with email (, phone call, or Google Meeting set-up to walk you through the process.

The student was informed of their elective.

IXL Math is a comprehensive online mathematics platform, offering more than 3,500 skills from pre-K to calculus. Every math topic is broken down into manageable MicroSkills, and an adaptive engine delivers questions at the right level of rigor for each learner. With this personalized approach, students can confidently build foundational fluency as they progress toward mastery of more complex concepts.

Generally, daily meetings will be held for 30 minutes with small intervention groups in the afternoons.

Yes, Star will be on campus to provide online learning assistance and child care during the day. More information can be found at

Please contact your student’s teacher directly and let them know of the concern. With the new learning platforms we are working with this year, we feel each student will have work to complete that is differentiated to their level.

School begins August 18th with 100% online instruction.  The State of California has announced that any county which is on the COVID watch list may not reopen until the county is removed from the watch list. At this time BMA will be online for the first month minimally.

One of our priorities as we navigate the new school year is ensuring families have made several changes which should make navigating our online education easier for students and parents.

  1. We will have a Single Sign-on system with Clever. Students will log into Clever and the apps needed for the school work will be pre-loaded.
  2. Online California based standards curriculum has been purchased for all grades to ensure each student has appropriate grade level work.
  3. The Google classroom has been standardized so it will have a more cohesive look between teachers.

No, this year your student will be assigned a teacher per the Montessori Method. Per our Charter, TK and Kindergarten students are together in our Primary Classrooms Grades 1 – 2 – 3 are together in our Lower Elementary Classrooms. Grades 4 – 5 – 6 are together in our Upper Elementary Classrooms. Bella Mente Middle School will be divided in the traditional manner of grades 7 and 8 without mixing. Unfortunately, due to the new health restrictions, elective courses this year will not be mixed grades.

  1. MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) testing, will happen several times this year to help teachers focus curriculum on the areas students need more support in.
  2. Teachers will also hold a daily online meeting to check in with students.

All students will need to work on the BMA Classroom assignments daily. Students who do not complete their daily assignments will be contacted via email and then potentially via phone by their teacher and other school staff.

Chromebook Check out days will be August 13th and August 14th. You will be assigned a time by last name to come and check-out a Chromebook if needed. An email will be sent August 10th with details.

Please email and let us know your situation so we can help you.

Yes, the State of California is requiring us to take daily attendance. The teacher and school will be required to ensure each student is working online. We will be making phone calls and home visits if necessary to ensure students are working online.

This varies by grade level but the state has set a required minimum number of minutes each day a student should be working.

  • TK & Primary is 180 minimum minutes
  • Lower Elementary is 230 minimum minutes
  • Upper Elementary is 240 minimum minutes
  • Middle School is 240 minimum minutes

Your family will have flexibility for your students to meet the daily minutes that fit best for your family. We will have live help during the hours of 8am – 3pm and are encouraging you to have your student complete their required daily minutes during this time. Students needing assistance outside of these school hours are encouraged to watch the teacher recorded videos from the day and/or email their teacher.

At this time we are in the planning stages for a safe on-site reopening. We are currently planning to begin the year completely online. After a month of online only instruction we hope to offer families the option of students staying 100% on the online program or participating in a hybrid program. We are still looking at the details of the on-site learning hybrid model and will provide more information as the time gets closer to implementing.

Yes all students, faculty and staff will be required to wear a mask inside the building and on school property.

The class sizes will be reduced to 6 to 10 students. The teacher will gently be reminding all students to keep masks on. Parents can support this by having their student start to wear masks for longer periods of time and inside as well as outside of the home.

Students will have the same teacher online and in the classroom.

  • Masks will be required by all students/staff during the entire duration of the school day.
  • Social distancing of six feet will be required of students/staff.
  • Temperature screenings and completed Covid-19 questionnaire will be required daily.
  • Any outside time will strictly follow health guidelines. Playground equipment may not be utilized.
  • Students not allowed to share school materials.
  • Shortened school day
  • Montessori materials will NOT be available for use
  • Halls will be marked as one way
  • Staggered drop-off and pickup

Changing from hybrid to online will be very easy to do.

Changing from online to hybrid will be more difficult since we have a limit of students allowed on campus at any time and a limited number of students in the classroom. BMA will do the best it can to accommodate family changes.

While school is off site, meals will be served to qualifying students.  5-day grab and go meal bags will be provided on Mondays. If the school day includes a lunch period, lunch will be served in classrooms.

Yes, once we are back on campus students will need to follow the dress code rules. Dress code rules and purchasing options can be found at

We are planning on having art and nutrition electives for all grade levels.

We are currently working with some vendors to see what online activities we can bring to BMA.

We are tentatively planning on these trips, but will not be giving any information until we can confirm we will actually hold these trips per current health department guidance.

Before and after school care will be available. Please reach out to STAR Education directly for more information at