General Complaint Policy

Bella Mente Academies has adopted this General Complaint Policy to address concerns about Bella Mente Academies generally or regarding specific employees. For complaints regarding harassment or perceived violations of state or federal laws, please refer to the Title IX, Harassment, Intimidation, Discrimination, and Bullying Policy and/or the Uniform Complaint Procedures. For all other complaints, the General Complaint form and accompanying procedures will be appropriate.

Please click here for the General Complaint form.

Internal Complaints

(Complaints by Employees against Employees)

This section of the policy is for use when a Bella Mente Academies employee raises a complaint or concern about a co-worker.

If reasonably possible, internal complaints should be resolved at the lowest possible level, including attempts to discuss/resolve concerns with the immediate supervisor. However, in the event an informal resolution may not be achieved or is not appropriate, the following steps will be followed by the Director of Compliance:

  1. The complainant will bring the matter to the attention of the Director of Compliance as soon as possible after attempts to resolve the complaint with the immediate supervisor have failed or if not appropriate; and

  2. The complainant will reduce his or her complaint to writing, indicating all known and relevant facts. The Director of Compliance or designee will then investigate the facts and provide a solution or explanation;

  3. If the complaint is about the Director of Compliance, the complainant may file his or her complaint in a signed writing to the Executive Director, who will then investigate the facts and provide a solution or explanation.

This policy cannot guarantee that every problem will be resolved to the employee’s satisfaction. However, Bella Mente Academies values each employee’s ability to express concerns and the need for resolution without fear of adverse consequence to employment.

Policy for Complaints Generally

(General Complaints and Complaints by Third Parties against Employees)

This section of the policy is for use when either a complaint does not fall under other complaint procedures or a third party (non-employee) raises a complaint or concern about Bella Mente Academies generally, or a Bella Mente Academies employee.

If complaints cannot be resolved informally, complainants may file a written complaint with the Principal of the school site or Chair of the Board of Directors (only if the complaint concerns the Executive Director) as soon as possible after the events that give rise to the complainant’s concerns. The written complaint should set forth in detail the factual basis for the complaint.

In processing the complaint, the Principal (or designee) shall abide by the following process:

  1. The Principal or designee shall use his or her best efforts to ascertain the facts relating to the complaint. Where applicable, the principal or designee shall talk with the parties identified in the complaint or persons with knowledge of the particulars of the complaint to ascertain said facts.

  2. In the event that the Principal or designee finds that a complaint is valid, the Principal or designee may take appropriate action to resolve the problem. Where the complaint is against an employee of Bella Mente Academies, the Director of Compliance may take disciplinary action against the employee. As appropriate, the Director of Compliance may also simply counsel/reprimand employees as to their conduct without initiating formal disciplinary measures.

  3. The Director of Compliance decision relating to the complaint shall be final unless it is appealed to the Board of Directors of Bella Mente Academies. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

General Requirements

1.          Confidentiality: All complainants will be notified that information obtained from the complainants and thereafter gathered will be maintained in a manner as confidential as possible, but in some circumstances absolute confidentiality cannot be assured.

2.          Non-Retaliation: All complainants will be advised that they will be protected against retaliation as a result of the filing of any complaints or participation in any complaint process.

3.          Resolution: The Board of Directors (if a complaint is about the Executive Director) or the Executive Director, Director of Compliance or designee will investigate complaints appropriately under the circumstances and pursuant to the applicable procedures, and if necessary, take appropriate remedial measures to ensure effective resolution of any complaint.

To submit a complaint, fill out the General Complaint Form below and deliver by email or in person to the school site principal or Director of Compliance.