Bella Mente Students Beliefs

  • I am a Responsible Scholar because I take ownership and am accountable for my academic and social choices.
  • I am a Respectful Scholar because I speak and act with care and treat all people and things with kindness.
  • I am a Safe Scholar because I am considerate and I value myself, my school, and others.
  • I am a Productive Scholar because I am prepared, organized and focused on reaching my goals.
  • As a Scholar my education is important to me and I strive to achieve my full potential.

Our Values





Our Vision

We promote an educational atmosphere that encourages cultural, linguistic and socioeconomic diversity.

We provide an environment where children reach their full potential as independent lifelong learners with the skills, knowledge, and values to be compassionate members of a peaceful world. We prepare children to care for their bodies through healthy eating and living.

Because your child deserves to Shine

The school typically has a wait list though we encourage you to apply at any time during the school year.