Sustainability & Eco-Friendly

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Bella Mente Montessori Academy is committed to promoting sustainability in everything we do, from the classroom to the playground. We aim to create healthy, eco-friendly learning environments for our children while instilling in them the importance of environmental stewardship.


Our goals in designing a green, eco-friendly Montessori charter school:

Creating a culture of green in our everyday school life

  • Integrating eco-education into regular curriculum
  • Involving the children in hands-on green learning exercises, such as composting and gardening
  • Incorporating green practices into our daily school operations

Taking steps to reduce waste, energy use, and water consumption

  • Renovating an existing building instead of clearing a new space to build a facility
  • Implementing an effective and manageable recycling program
  • Promoting waste free lunches
  • Integrating water-saving practices and/or technologies, including a rain barrel to reuse collected rain water
  • Adopting energy saving practices and, where applicable, installing energy saving devices

Supporting a green supply chain

  • Using green materials and office supplies
  • Contracting with vendors that have environmentally sound practices whenever possible

Promoting eco-friendly awareness beyond our front doors

  • Engaging with our surrounding community on environmental initiatives
  • Educating the school’s families on ways that they can live greener